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1What Makes the WP Security Plugin Different?
  • "Push Button fix it for me"
  • Detailed but easy to understand Instructions.
  • No technical skills are required
  • Fast - Secure your website in minutes!
2Will the WP Security Plugin Slow Down My Site?
  • Absolutely not. You may experience a slight slow down while tests are being run but that takes less than a minute.
3Will the WP Security Plugin Work On Any Site?
  • Yes. The WP Security Plugin works on all websites.
4Is The WP Security Plugin Compatible With Multi-sites?
  • Yes. However if you have a domain name per site you will need an additional licence for each one.
  • But if you use subdomains or subfolders, one license is sufficient.
  • You must enable the WP Security Plugin on all sites, do not network enable.
5How Long Does A License Last?
  • All License Options are valid for 12 months.
  • You will receive support and updates as long as your license is valid.
6How Do I Renew My License?
  • You will receive an email inviting you to renew your license before your existing one expires.
  • This ensures that you will continue to receive plugin updates and access to support.

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